Travel to West Nepal with Nepal8thwonder.

It was my first experience in the far-west. I was assigned as a photographer for the team Nepal8thwonder.

Day 1:Kathmadu to Kawasoti.

We started our journey from Naxal, Kathmandu. we were seven-member of a team. our host Hemanta Bhandari in motorbike and six of us Prasanna , Prem, Sonam, Binod, Sonam daju Ifran daju and including me were in Toyota Hiace. We stop in shikrekhola(Bhanja ko khaja pasal) to have our breakfast and had our lunch at ramilo danda, Kurintar then We made it to Tharu community homestay in evening.

DAY 2:Kawasoti to Bhaluwang.

On the second day of our travel to Bardiya, we wake up in the Tharu Community homestay, Unfortunately, one of our travel partners Sonam Dai has to return back to Kathmandu. we have our breakfast and moved towards our destination. We captured the different moments on our way. Since the road of Dawson was under construction we have to drive slow and also visibility was poor too. Often a difficult road leads to a beautiful destination we made to a beautiful city Butwal. We tasted a famous dish called “Fulki”.It was the first experience for me and the taste was good too and we made it to BhaluBang which was also the capital ko Province 5. Since it was almost night our team decided to stay at Bhalubang. We unloaded our backpack from Hiace and sadly we came to know that we lost our newly bought monopod then. Binod and I along ifran daju decided to back in search of the monopod but sadly it was not there.

Day 3:Bhaluwang to Dalla Homestay(Bardiya)

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