Kasto Maya Timi Sanga Basyo - Jeewan Weds Ismita web

Kasto Maya Tmi Sanga Basyo | Nepali Wedding Video (Jeewan Ale Magar Weds Ismita Magar)

Jeewan and Ismita’s wedding video was filmed in the traditional Magar Village in the Tanahun District of Nepal.

The Wedding was done in authentic traditional Magar Culture. And the video shoot was done in a cheerful natural outdoor environment.

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We instantly felt a connection with the groom and bride and were so thrilled that we got to capture their wedding video in the Beautiful rural village of Tanahun, Nepal.

Jeewan made it very clear that he wanted his wedding video to be the fusion of traditional culture and the natural beauty of his community. And we are thrilled to bring this vision to life.

Nepali Wedding Video | Jeewan weds Ismita

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I’m a Freelance Photographer and a Videographer from Nepal. And It’d be a pleasure to capture your auspicious moment through my camera and create a memory that will be remembered by your upcoming generations forever. #nepaliweddingvideo#kastomayatimisangabasyo

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