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Travel to West Nepal with Nepal8thwonder.

It was my first experience in the far-west. I was assigned as a photographer for the team Nepal8thwonder. Day 1:Kathmadu to Kawasoti. We started our journey from Naxal, Kathmandu. we were seven-member of a team. our host Hemanta Bhandari in motorbike and six of us Prasanna , Prem, Sonam, Binod, Sonam daju Ifran daju and …

slide in mud

Asare Ropai | Dahi Chura |Asar 15

“Rice Planting Festival in Nepal – 15 Ashadh” This is one of the country’s most important monsoon season festivals which marks the first planting of the staple crop (Rice). “Ashar Pandhra” or the fifteenth of Ashar is the day when the crop planting season officially begins. Farmers all over Nepal celebrate this festival by plowing …


Nhu Daya Bhintuna(Newari New Year)

Nhu Daya Bhintuna is one of the festival that is celebrate among the newar community. This festival is also called new year of newari people. A group of newari people participate in procession sankhardhar sakwha( Believed that he had started the Nepal sambat).